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Renting an apartment with a group of your best friends can start one of the most fun times of your life. And the student rental from Evan Manager is typically no problem at all! But it does come with some specific steps that you need to follow. And of course, like anything else in life, there is a strict timeline for each of the steps.

We require parent forms be signed, a security deposit be paid as well as the last month’s rent be paid. (The first month’s rent can be paid when you actually move in.)

STEP 1. Put down the security deposit. Putting down your security deposit is what takes the apartment off the market for you and gives you time to complete the rest of the required paperwork. The security deposit is one month’s rent and is typically held until the end of your Lease.

Putting down the security deposit is the only thing that takes the unit off the market! Until someone pays a deposit, the apartments are truly first-come first-serve. You will need to complete a Security Deposit Agreement when you pay the deposit.

STEP 2. Return Paperwork. During this stage we need all of the parents to promptly complete and return Guaranty Forms and the tenants themselves need to sign the Lease and the Last Month’s Rent Agreement.

STEP 3. Pay Last Month’s Rent.

Once all of the above steps are done and paperwork is in order, the Landlord will execute the Lease, provide you with a copy and the apartment is officially yours!

Here are the steps after you sign the Lease and before you move in:

STEP 1. Utilities. Our office will contact you a few months prior to moving in and coordinate any utilities that will be your responsibility.

STEP 2. Submit Auto Draft Form. These forms are available on our website. Your group would need to decide if you will be paying all of the rent from one bank account or if you will be paying from separate accounts. There are pros and cons to either method. Setting up one account seems to be more convenient but then you need to make sure that everyone’s rent is deposited into that account prior to the first of each month.

STEP 3. Pay First Month’s Rent. The first month’s rent needs to be paid in full before any one person picks up keys.

STEP 4. Pick up keys. Enjoy your new place!