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How do I rent a place from Evan Manager? Start by putting down the security deposit. Check out the How to Rent section of our website. We dedicated an entire section to the process and made step by step guide for you!

Can I sublet? Usually. The Leases prohibit subletting. However, we will usually agree to a modification that allows you to get someone into your apartment. In order for us to consider it, you will have to be current with your rent and have no defaults. Contact us at the time you are interested and we will discuss.

How Do I get my Security Deposit Back? Security deposit return checks less any applicable charges are always issued automatically within 30 days of the expiration of your Lease. Along with the check we generate a document called a “Security Deposit Return and Charge Statement.” Your Security Deposit Agreement indicates who we will make the refund check out to called a “Nominee”) We will need a mailing address of the Nominee. And that “Nominee” is then responsible for dividing up the refund between the applicable parties. A copy of the Security Deposit Return and Charge Statement will be sent to everyone that was on the Lease.

When can I move in? Most of our leases end around August 5th. Although new leases do not officially start until August 20th, we will make every effort to be ready for people to move in early.

To Move In:
  1. Your Authorization to Draft from Checking forms must all be completed and returned.
  2. Your first month’s rent and key deposits need paid.

    Key deposits are $50 per person ($25 for house key & $25 for room key)

    The Auto-Pay forms for first Month’s Rent and Key Deposits must be received at least 5 days prior to picking up your keys.

    Our mailing address is:
    Evan Manager
    600 Grant St. Ste 3075
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

    Remember: Your Group is renting the whole house/apartment. You are not each renting an individual room. So all forms need returned and all key deposits and 1st month’s rent must be paid before any 1 person can get keys and move in. 1 person can hold up the entire group so make sure everyone has their items completed!

Who do I contact regarding Utilities?
  • Water/Sewer: You do not need to contact anyone. The water bill stays in the Landlord’s name. We will let you know the amount of the bill and collect the money from you with your rent payment.
  • Electric: Duquesne Light 1-888-393-7100 The following houses have more than 1 electric meter because in the past they had been multiple apartments. Make sure you sign up for service on all of them. (322 Atwood – 3 meters , 3601 Bates- 3 meters) If you need assistance, call us.
  • Gas: Dominion Peoples 1-800-764-0111
  • Cable/Phone/Internet: Verizon or Comcast In recent years, both Verizon and Comcast have had people going door to door and have also set up tents around campus offering students specials. So you may be better off waiting until you arrive and dealing with them.
  • Trash: You do not need to contact anyone. Pick up day for Oakland is currently Tuesday morning. Tenants report that sometimes they come very early (like 3 or 4 am) so make sure you put it out the night before!