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  1. Tenant may not have any pets.

  2. No one may move in who is not authorized by Landlord
    in writing.

  3. Tenants may not keep any upholstered furniture manufactured primarily for indoor use including but not limited to: mattresses, box springs, sofas, chairs, on any front, back, side yard, or patio, deck, balcony, roof, or un-enclosed porch. Violation of this Rule subjects tenant to removal charges which will be billed by Landlord and due with the next rent payment.

  4. All Tenants on Lease must have a properly executed Guarantee Form on file and approved by Landlord prior to taking possession.

  5. Accessing the Roofs or using Fire Escapes for any purpose other than an emergency is prohibited. It shall be a default of this Lease for Tenant or Tenant’s guests to climb upon the roof of the House or loiter on or use any fire escape for any purpose other than during a life threatening emergency.

  6. When Tenant is more than one person Tenants must nominate one Tenant to act as house manager responsible for communications with the Landlord over repair issues and routine requests.

  7. Tenant must keep current email and alternate emergency contact on file with Landlord at all times during the Lease.

  8. Any improvements or attachments to House or building must be approved in advance by Landlord and become property of Landlord upon expiration of the Lease.

  9. Normal amounts of toilet tissue along with human waste are the only items that may be flushed down a toilet. Paper products such as: Baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, paper towels, toilet paper cardboard rollers, as well as all feminine hygiene products are strictly prohibited from being flushed down a toilet. Doing so is considered damage and you will be charged for repairing that damage should maintenance be required and any of these items are recovered from your pipes.

  10. Grills, fire pits, kerosene stoves, and electric heaters are all strictly prohibited

  11. No parties or large gatherings. Tenants are prohibited from having parties or gatherings of any size that can be heard from outside the walls of the property or gatherings that are disruptive to the neighbors or community. Illegal drug use by tenants, or visitors, or alcohol furnished to, or consumed by minors, on the property is strictly prohibited. A violation of this rule is grounds for eviction.

  12. Tentants must follow the City of Pittsburgh's Regulations reguarding Municipal Waste. They included but are not limed to: 1. Tenants must keep the lids of the trash and recycling containers. 2. Items inside the containers need to be in actual trash bags. 3. Tenants are not to set the containers curbside before 6 pm on the day prior to collection and must return them to their storage area by 10 pm on collection day.